Our balanced flue twin wall system is common to all boiler models, making selection of components easy whether you’re installing a kitchen boiler, external floor standing or internal wall-mounted boiler, ‘one system fits all’.

For open vented, conventional chimney systems we have a range of single wall rigid flue components combined with corrugated flexible chimney liner. The flexible liner has a secondary inner smooth skin for easy drain down of condensates it also prevents condensate penetrating the corrugated liner.

Components are manufactured using 316L stainless steel with a polished finish, seams are laser welded to provide an accurate and unobtrusive seam. Flue joints are “push-fit” utilising high grade Viton seals; they will not degrade like some.

The following pages detail some of them more typical installation options; if you’re unable to find a flue system or option you require, need a bespoke system, or a even a flue painted a specific colour to accommodate listed building requirements, we’re here to assist.

Flue Termination Guide

Low Level Horizontal Flue Kit

Low Level Horizontal Side Outlet Flue Kit

High Level Horizontal Flue Kit Options

Plume Kit Options

Vertical Flue Kit

Conventional Open Flue Chimney Components

External High Level Flue Kit

External Vertical Flue Kit

Horizontal Flue Internal Wall-mounted Boiler