Andrew Hounsfield, MD at Hounsfield Boilers
“If you don’t deal with oil boilers on a daily basis it’s difficult to appreciate the difference between one boiler and the next. In this website we have highlighted some of the important features to consider.”

Andrew Hounsfield
Inventor & Managing Director

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My name is Andrew Hounsfield, inventor of the Hounsfield Boiler

We are a niche, high quality, independent brand that plumbers choose because they know that we produce the best domestic oil fired boilers.

We are proud that Hounsfield Boilers have been recognised by the heating industry for their high quality and innovative design by winning prestigious industry awards: H&V News for “Domestic Product of the Year” and the HVR for “Best Domestic Heating and Ventilation Product” Circled Arrow Right 1

Our oil boilers have been developed with the benefit of hands-on experience as well as input from other professionals in the trade. As an installer or service engineer, this will quickly become evident. Our attention to detail is greatly appreciated, as our customers testify. From the ease of service and installation to ensuring “everything’s in the box”, right down to the inclusion of stainless-steel screws for securing the oil filter, you can look forward to a straight forward installation and ongoing reliability when you select a Hounsfield Boiler.

Hounsfield Boilers meet and exceed the latest European Boiler Efficiency Regulations and safety standards. With the introduction of the Hounsfield – Elco burner” Circled Arrow Right 1 Hounsfield Boilers are future-proofed and ready for HVO fuel (hydrated vegetable oil) a fuel with CO2 emissions of just 0.036kg CO2e/kWh (HVO is in use in commercial vehicles on our roads today), that’s 91% less than Kerosene and compares with ASHP @ 0.09 CO2e/kWh and GSHP @ 0.08 CO2e/kWh when installed in under-floor heating systems.

Of course boiler efficiency & emissions are important considerations when selecting your / a new oil fired boiler, equally important, often overlooked is the CO2 footprint of manufacture and maintenance: there’s little point in producing an efficient product that doesn’t stand the test of time.

You may be replacing a thirty year old boiler or one that’s just out of warranty,  The provision of an aircraft grade “life-long” flexible hose for the burner is a benchmark of the quality inherent in a Hounsfield boiler. We’re in the business of making high quality boilers using the best engineering solutions, not in generating an income stream from spare parts sales.

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