I’m Andrew Hounsfield, the Managing Director and inventor of the Hounsfield Boiler.

I set up the company in 2008 after spending 30 years’ in the domestic oil-boiler industry. After working for that long in the industry, and for some of the biggest names in heating, I knew I could revolutionise an oil-fired boiler to offer great service and longivity to homeowners and invent a boiler that’s easy to install and service for heating engineers.

The Tuscan range of Hounsfield Boilers offers just that! For the installer our boilers have everything you need in a box, and for the wall-mounted models that even includes the masonry drill bit!

What sets our boilers apart from the rest? We invest in the best engineering and design solutions, rather than the cheapest options chosen to “last for the warranty period”. This means our customers can look forward to enduring high performance, backed up by industry-leading warranty terms.

We’re in the business of making superior quality boilers, not generating an income stream from spare parts sales. The provision of an aircraft grade “life-long” flexible hose for the burner is a benchmark of the quality inherent in a Hounsfield boiler. You will not find this feature on any other domestic oil-fired boiler, despite the well-known problems associated with the degradation of rubber and thermoplastic hoses.

As well as providing many years of trouble-free service,our boilers are easy to use, exceptionally quiet and extremely efficient. Hounsfield Boilers meet and exceed the latest European Boiler Efficiency Regulations and safety standards, and upgrading to one of our boilers could reduce heating costs by at least 15%.

To help you select the right boiler for you, ask for our guide, ‘How to choose a new oil-fired boiler’. We don’t manufacture combi or system boilers as the life-time costs for these types of oil-fired boilers are extremely high and experience has taught us there are better options. Further information is provided in the ‘Hounsfield Boilers Brochure‘.

Our boilers have been developed with the benefit of hands-on experience as well as input from other professionals in the trade. As an installer or service engineer, this will quickly become evident. Our attention to detail is greatly appreciated, as our customers testify. From the ease of service and installation to ensuring “everything’s in the box”, right down to the inclusion of stainless-steel screws for securing the oil filter, you can look forward to a straightforward installation and ongoing reliability when you select a Hounsfield Boiler.

Order your boiler directly from us using our ONLINE SHOP with ADD TO QUOTE buttons, or by phone or via your merchant.

Kind regards,

Andrew Hounsfield
Managing Director

If you would like to know more about the Hounsfield Boilers’ range, CALL 01449 722461