Oil Filter Kit

Pt.No. BSOF002

Paper element oil filter kit is included with all Tuscan boilers.

Oil Filter Kit with Fire Valve

Pt.No. BSOF003

Oil filter kit with three-metre fire valve.

Oil Filter Kit with NRV & Fire Valve

Pt.No. BSOF004

Oil Filter Kit with NRV (non-return valve) and three-metre fire valve. Included with all Wall mounted boilers.
For use when the oil level in the tank is below the burner.

Oil Filter Kit 10mm Swaged Fitting

Pt.No. BSOF005

Fire Valve


State the capillary length required: 3m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 35m.

Oil Filter Bracket

Pt.No. BSOF006A

Oil filter bracket kit – left to right oil flow.
Oil flow must be as indicated on our oil filters.
This bracket simplifies installation pipework when oil flow is right to left.

Life-long Flexible Oil Line

Pt.No. BS0006

¼” Life-long Teflon cored stainless steel braided flexible oil line.

Condensate Soakaway with Lime Chippings

Pt.No. RP024