Warranty Registration

Warranty is an important consideration when choosing a new boiler. Some manufacturers offer attention grabbing long warranties but with pages of small print. These warranties can be misleading. Investigate the small print in Terms & Conditions, and the cost of complying with them can result hefty bills for replacing components at specified intervals. You may end up effectively paying for the cost of a new boiler over the warranty period.

At Hounsfield Boilers we’ve invested in high quality materials and the best engineering practice, properly engineered product doesn’t require reams of get out clauses – we have just three terms and conditions of warranty.

1. The warranty must be registered with Hounsfield Boilers.

2. The boiler must be serviced every year.

3. Warranty work must be authorised by Hounsfield Boilers.

Our industry-leading warranty uniquely covers all components for five years, rather than specific components.   On the rare occasion of either a manufacturing or even an installation fault occurring, components will be replaced under the warranty, we have a “no quibble” policy.

For heat exchanger replacement after the warranty period, a discounted pricing structure based on age is applied, the full price is only chargeable in year eleven.

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    5 Year Warranty