Warranty Registration

When choosing a new boiler, the boiler warranty is an important factor to consider. Some manufacturers offer attention grabbing long warranties, but hidden within pages of small print, these warranties can be misleading. It is essential to investigate the Terms &Conditions to avoid unexpected costs for replacing components at specified intervals, effectively paying for a new boiler during the warranty period.

Hounsfield Boilers, we take pride in investing in high quality materials and adhering to the best engineering practice. Our properly engineered product don’t require reams of get out clauses. Instead, we have a straightforward and transparent set of terms and conditions for our warranty.

1. The warranty must be registered with Hounsfield Boilers within 30 days of installation.

2. The supplied life-long Teflon cored flexible oil hose must be retained.

3. The supplied fire-valve and oil filter kit must be fitted and retained.

4. The boiler must be serviced every year.

5. All warranty work must be authorised in writing by Hounsfield Boilers before starting.

What sets our industry-leading warranty apart is that it uniquely covers all components for five years, except for service items, rather than specific components.

Even after the warranty period, we offer a discounted pricing structure based on the age of the boiler for heat exchanger replacement, with the full price only chargeable in year eleven.

Rest assured, with Hounsfield Boilers, you get peace of mind knowing your investment is protected, and our commitment to quality ensures you won’t be burdened with unexpected costs down the line. Register your boiler warranty with us today and experience reliability that lasts!

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5 Year Warranty Hounsfield Boilers

Experience Unmatched Peace of Mind with Our Boiler Warranty

When it comes to your home’s heating system, there’s nothing more reassuring than knowing you’re covered by an exceptional boiler warranty. At Hounsfield Boilers, we prioritize your comfort and confidence, which is why our warranty is designed to provide you with unmatched peace of mind.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our industry-leading warranty uniquely covers all components for an impressive five years, not just specific parts. No need to worry about unexpected expenses during the warranty period. We’ve got you covered!
  • Transparent Terms: Say goodbye to the confusion of convoluted terms and conditions. With just a few straightforward conditions, registering your warranty is a breeze, and getting authorized warranty work is hassle-free.
  • No Quibble Policy: We stand by the reliability of our products, which is why we have a “no quibble” policy. If a manufacturing or installation fault occurs, rest assured that we’ll take care of the component replacements without any hassle.
  • Long-Term Value: Investing in our properly engineered boilers means you won’t be burdened with excessive costs down the line. After the warranty period, we offer a discounted pricing structure for heat exchanger replacement, with full pricing only applied in year eleven.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Regular servicing is essential for optimal boiler performance. With our warranty requiring annual servicing, you’ll not only keep your warranty intact but also ensure your boiler runs efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

Choosing Hounsfield Boilers means choosing a reliable heating solution that puts your needs first. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our exceptional boiler warranty. Join countless satisfied customers who have already discovered the difference our commitment to quality makes.

Register your warranty with us today and enjoy the comfort of a warm home without worries! Your comfort is our priority, and our warranty proves it.