Conventional Open Flue Kit Options Hounsfield Boilers
Conventional Open Flue Chimney Options Hounsfield Boilers

IMPORTANT: It is essential to upgrade an existing flue system when replacing an old boiler; flue temperatures on a modern boiler are considerably lower and will not heat the chimney, as a result, condensation will form and may penetrate brickwork or drain back into the boiler causing internal corrosion (on a non-condensing boiler). Existing flexible corrugated liners must also be replaced; they will not be twin-walled, condensation will penetrate the liner.

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Conventional Open Flue Parts


Conventional Flue Adaptor Kit

Pt.No. FL100CF

Conventional Flue Adaptor Kit includes white trim plate PW20010 and fittings.

100 mm X 200 mm S/W Pipe

Pt.No. FL100X200

100 mm X 450 mm S/W Flue Pipe

Pt.No. FL100X450

100 mm x 950 mm S/W Flue Pipe

Pt.No. FL100X950

100 mm Telescopic Flue Section 80-400

Pt.No. FL100TEL

100 mm 45 Degree Flue Elbow

Pt.No. FL100X45ELB

100 mm Screw Fit Adaptor

Pt.No. FL100SA

Twin Wall Flexible Flue Liner

Pt.No. FL100LIN

Flue liner per metre.

100 mm Top Flue Plate

Pt.No. FL100TP

100 mm Top Flue Clamp

Pt.No. FL100TC

100 mm Top Flue Insert

Pt.No. FL100TI

100 mm Chimney Pot Cowl

Pt.No. FL100CC

100 mm Stainless Steel Balloon Guard

Pt.No. FL100BG