Time to replace that boiler?

Time to replace that boiler?

Hi,time to replace that boiler

After the most recent cold snap there are bound to be one or two customers whose boilers have finally given up the ghost. And that’s the perfect time to recommend a Hounsfield Tuscan oil boiler as a boiler replacement.

Our boilers are renowned for quality, reliability, ease of installation and maintenance.

That’s why we were asked to provide a boiler to EOGB Ltd for their training centre in East Anglia.

So when you need to install a new oil boiler, choose a trusted Hounsfield Tuscan boiler:

You won’t just get a quality product.

You’ll also get fast delivery, a quick response to any enquiry and all the backup you need to leave your customer delighted every time.

Andrew Hounsfield

And some possible choices for your boiler replacement…

Condensing Oil Fired Boilers – High Efficiency
‘Among the most efficient boiler models in their class’

White cased Kitchen Models:
TA12-19: 350mm width, 12-19kW output, 41-65BTU/hr
TA20-25: 350mm width, 20-25kW output, 68-85BTU/hr
TA26-30: 460mm width, 26-30kW output, 90-100BTU/hr
Kitchen models Condensing brochure more …

Brown cased External Models, just 385 mm wide:
TE12-19: 12-19kW output, 41-65BTU/hr
TE20-25: 20-25kW output, 68-85BTU/hr
External models Condensing brochure more …

Non-Condensing Oil Boilers – Standard Efficiency 
TC50-70: 460mm width, 14-21kW output, 50-70BTU/hr
TC75-95: 460mm width, 22-28kW output, 75-95BTU/hr
Non Condensing brochure more …

All available with flue options to suit every situation.

Flue Options & Flue Installation Guide

Listen to what boiler fitters say about Hounsfield boilers…

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