Switching on the boiler

When switching on the boiler doesn’t go to plan…

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With the colder months just making their presence felt, the ‘boiler switch on’ is a busy time and one where a lot of faults are uncovered – potentially leading to the need for a replacement boiler.

This can be a difficult and time consuming job – so let us help.

Hounsfield boilers are designed to make your job of boiler installation and boiler servicing, quicker and easier.

30 years’ experience has gone into the design of Hounsfield Boilers. Designed by boiler installers and engineers, it’s the attention to detail which makes our boilers so easy to install and service – while also being one of the smallest and most efficient on the market.

Andrew Hounsfield

What makes our oil boilers so easy to install?

Save time and money – the design of the oil pump means you don’t need to install a two-pipe system or a deaerator such as the Tigerloop.

ALL fittings supplied – including paper element, kerosene filter with fittings, drain cock and fuel isolation valve.

Burner test fired – we remove any reliability issues by test firing the burner for you.

Simple flue installation – telescopic flue adjustment and Viton rubber seals provide quick and easy installation.

Easy access service doors – access doors are secured with wing nuts and stainless steel washers, rather than cheaper alternatives, and we apply grease to the threads.

You can see for yourself by looking at this simple pictorial guide to installing a Hounsfield Boiler. And take a look at some reviews from our installers. So this winter, make your job easier by choosing Hounsfield boilers. They are designed for you, as well as your customers.

Here’s a short video looking at Hounsfield oil fired boilers in more detail…

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