Time to service those boilers?

Time to service those boilers?

boiler service engineerHi,

During these quieter months, you are no doubt encouraging your customers that it’s time to service boilers ahead of the peak time at the end of the summer.
Hounsfield Tuscan oil boilers are designed specifically to make the job of servicing and installation as easy as possible for you. In fact all our boilers are supplied with a ‘quick boiler installation and service guide’ – you can download the Brochure

For example, our compact control panels include plug in mains power supply and burner leads, making servicing safe and extremely easy.

And there’s much more…

Andrew Hounsfield

At Hounsfield boilers:

…are individually built – this means that every aspect of the boiler is designed from your perspective, ensuring hassle free installation, servicing and cleaning.
…have easy access service doors – we use wing nuts with stainless steel washers to secure the access doors, for ease of use.
…feature a simple, uncluttered design – the boiler chambers have plenty of room for manoeuvre, with minimal brackets. So you will not be hampered when cleaning and servicing.

…have no sharp edges or corners on their boiler casings – so preventing hand injuries.

…are fitted with the Bentone BF1 burner –  these are incredibly easy to service and clean. A single cap screw is all that needs to be removed for access to the fan, electrodes, photocell and burner nozzle.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to service the Bentone BF1 burner in Tuscan Boilers.

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