Introducing the Supermodel of Boilers

Introducing the Supermodel of Boilers

Andrew Hounsfield next to a Tuscan wall hung boiler

Welcome to Hounsfield Boilers

I’m Andrew Hounsfield, the Managing Director and inventor of the Hounsfield Boiler.

I set up the company in 2008 after spending 30 years’ in the domestic oil-boiler industry. After working for that long in the industry, and for some of the biggest names in heating, I knew I could revolutionise an oil-fired boiler to offer great service and longevity to homeowners and invent a boiler that’s easy to install and service for heating engineers. The supermodel of boilers.

The Tuscan range of Hounsfield Boilers offers just that! For the installer our boilers have everything you need in a box, and for the wall-mounted models that even includes the masonry drill bit! We include a pre-assembled oil filter kit as a standard, plug and play electrics, a ‘one system fits all’ flue system, a practical design for easy installation and servicing, and aircraft grade flexible oil line hoses which are ‘life-long’ rather than just ‘long-life’.

For the end user our boilers give peace of mind as they’re built to last. By using the highest quality parts and materials ensures there’s no needless call-outs for the replacement of parts.

The insulation is thicker than the industry standard which results in better heat efficiency and a whisper quiet operation. Our boilers have a modern, compact design, with laser cut ‘knock outs’ to give a more aesthetically pleasing casing that is also easy for cleaning.

We know our products are the best that’s why we offer a ‘no quibble’ five-year warranty.

The supermodel of boilers designed and made by Hounsfield Boilers.

If you would like more information on the Hounsfield Boilers’ range, call on 01449 722461

Supermodel of boilers, Tuscan wall hung kitchen boiler

New Wall-Hung Boilers -The supermodel of boilers.

Now we offer our amazing Tuscan oil-fired boiler as a wall-hung model, which is ideal for more discrete applications.

Our internal and external wall-hung Tuscan models have all the tried and tested features that our customers love and trust about our existing floor standing models, but with some subtle changes.

The external wall-hung model has a tough weatherproof casing, a fixing backplate, plus a security locking feature and can be finished in a variety of colours. The colour finishing is ideal for applications that need to comply with special requirements, such as being on a listed building, in its curtilage, or being in a conservation area. Wall mounted models have an easy to remove one-piece lift off cover.

These new models will allow customers to have a full choice of where they choose to install our boilers; either on the ground or wall, inside and out, and customers will benefit from the compact size of the wall-hung models. As with all our boilers, everything needed to install the boiler is in the box, and the burner is test fired and pre-bled with kerosene.

To find out more about our wall-hung boilers click here – or call us direct on 01449 722461.

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All aboard with Hounsfield Boilers

We love finding out where our boilers find their homes. If you have any interesting applications, we would love to hear from you!

New oil boiler for former lifeboat turned houseboatThe Sir Max Atkin had been a relief lifeboat that had seen active service between 1982 and 2003. In that time the boat had saved over 150 lives, but in 2018 the boat was about to change beyond all recognition when Guy Gregson bought it for his new home.

Guy had lived on houseboats before and knew the Sir Max Atkin offered potential. However, Guy admits that it was not an obvious choice: “Lifeboats are not designed to be lived on and are stripped of luxuries, so I knew there would be no heating or insulation, both of which are vital for a houseboat in an English winter”.

Guy turned to Hollie Stallworthy of Hollies Heating Services as she had been his heating engineer on his previous houseboat. Guy explains: “The boat has two-and-a-half tonnes of red diesel on board for power, so I needed a heating system that could run from it. Speaking with Hollie it was clear that there was not an obvious company that could help me”. Hollie contacted all of the big-name boiler companies but no-one would offer any guarantees for their boilers to run on red diesel. Hollie then decided to ask for help on a heating social media forum, and it was here that Hounsfield Boilers came recommended.

Hollie says: “I hadn’t come across Hounsfield Boilers before, so I did a bit of research on them and gave them a call. I found them very helpful and I could not believe that I was talking with the person who actually designed the boilers! How many boiler manufacturers would give you that level of know-how and support?” Hollie continued: “Andrew Hounsfield, Hounsfield Boilers, MD, answered all of the questions I had about running his boilers on red diesel, so I felt confident about my purchase and ordered one”. When the boiler was delivered Hollie could not believe how perfect the boiler was: “Everything I needed was in the box, I didn’t have to buy any extra bits like you normally do with other boiler manufacturers. The commissioning of the boiler did not take long as everything had been set up perfectly and it started first time!”

For Guy the Hounsfield Boiler was perfect: “It’s simple to use and I can forget that it is running, it’s so quiet and reliable. When I come home it’s very easy to see that it’s working as the neon indicators are clearly visible”. Guy also finds the boiler very economical, “We had the heating on throughout the winter and it has barely impacted upon our diesel tank”. Hollie adds: “The boiler was priced very competitively and the no quibble guarantee was wonderful. It’s nice, as an engineer, to deal with something so simple and to have a happy customer”.

Hollie installed a Hounsfield Tuscan oil-fired Boiler, which was designed and manufactured in Britain. The Sir Max Atkin has been renamed ‘Harvest Moon’ and is moored at Medway, Kent.

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