Hounsfield Boilers heats Ringshall Grange

Hounsfield Boiler installed at Ringshall Grange in Stowmarket

as published in Refurb & Developer Update, 16.08.2019

Ringshall Grange, a stunning eight-bed listed manor house, has installed two Hounsfield Boilers oil-fired boilers to ensure its guests are kept warm. The manor house’s old 60kW oil boiler had started to show its age, the owner, Laura Ormerod, needed a very reliable new boiler that would not cause any maintenance issues for her or the guests. Laura turned to Kevin Brand of Brand Plumbing and Heating Limited and asked him for his recommendation.

Kevin says: “Hounsfield Boilers are renowned for their excellent quality, price and reliability plus they are very economical to run, so I didn’t hesitate to recommend these boilers to Ringshall Grange as I knew they would be up for the job! In fact, I have a Hounsfield Boiler in my own home as I know they’re the best.”

new boilers ringshall grange

Hounsfield Boilers provide the heat at Ringshall Grange

Two new Tuscan kitchen boilers installed to supply the heating.

Ringshall Grange has a large heat consumption which meant either a commercial boiler or two domestic boilers were needed. Kevin and Laura decided that the two-boiler option would be the best solution, as Laura says: “That way, should one ever fail there would be a back-up to ensure guests are never short of heat, and that gives me peace of mind.”

The installation was straightforward, as Kevin explains: “Hounsfield are very knowledgeable, and their customer service and advice to installers is second to none. I discussed the two-boiler solution with the Hounsfield team and they were very insightful about using a multiple boiler system.”

Kevin installed two Hounsfield Tuscan kitchen oil-fired boilers, which have an output of 22 – 28 kW. The boilers are designed and manufactured in Britain, with industry standard components plus air-craft grade materials, and have a five-year no quibble warranty.

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