Boiler Installation & Servicing made easy

Boiler Installation & Servicing – It’s often the simpler things in life
we love the most!

And the same goes when it comes to our boilers!

That’s why we have ensured that our Tuscan Condensing Boilers are both simple to install and easy to service. To prove it, we’ve put together a series of handy videos which demonstrate the step by step process of servicing and cleaning the heat exchanger, as well as how to install both a kitchen boiler and an external boiler.


  1. Unscrew & remove the two access doors.
  2. Remove condenser baffles.
  3. Remove primary baffle.
  4. Insert flue brush.
  5. Collect debris from heat exchanger.


Did You Know?

Flow, Return and Condensate connections can be made to the Left OR Right side of boiler as required – simply knock out the laser-cut blanking plates where outlined. Watch the video above to see more! More info…


Features include:

Compact Control Panel with a plugin mains power and plugin power lead, ‘Press & Hold’ test switch, Easy Access points, Adjustable feet and Spacious Casing with plenty of room for fuel line. More info…

Our boilers are supplied with all required fittings including our aircraft-grade flexible fuel line – this is a ‘lifetime’ component that will not degrade like oil lines made from rubber or thermoplastic! You can also choose from a range of flue options to suit all situations.

If you found these videos on boiler installation and servicing helpful, take a look at our video library for more!

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