It’s all in the box!

We supply an oil filter kit with every boiler

We supply an oil filter kit with every boiler, including oil line inserts, stainless screws and rawl plugs.
You may prefer swaged fittings, require a fire valve or non return valve in the assembly, just let us know when placing your order.

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What makes the filter and fire valves we use better than most?

The filter

  • life-long O-rings, as we know it’s not easy to change these in most Crosland style filters.
  • two screws are provided to check fuel flow across the filter element.
  • a mounting bracket tall enough to allow access for installation.

Fire valves

  • use oil as the expansion medium which prevents nuisance trip outs, unlike Teddington and others which use gas.
  • integral compression fittings so there is no need for additional pipe fittings.

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