Green Technology for Boiler Manufacture

Hounsfield Boilers are now using the latest metal cutting green technology for Tuscan boiler manufacture, fibre optic laser, as they continue to improve the process of boiler manufacture. This technology offers many advantages to our boiler manufacture. Such as extremely fast cutting speeds so lowering power consumption. So boiler components can be manufactured to a high tolerance and quality standard using green technology.


‘An extremely green technology’ is now used in the manufacturing process of Tuscan Boilers


Unlike the conventionally used laser cutting equipment, fibre optic laser does not use polluting CO2 gas as a cutting media. The reasons for changing to this new equipment is ‘not only are there cost benefits, it is also an extremely green technology’ according to Andrew Hounsfield.

A Fiber Optic Laser cutting machine is now used by Hounsfield Boilers, green fibre optic laser technology for the manufacture of Tuscan boilers.

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