11 Reasons to Choose a Tuscan Kitchen Boiler

’11 reasons to choose a Tuscan kitchen boiler to make all the difference’

1. Neon lights

Plug and Play Electrics

Tuscan boilers uniquely have visible neon lights on the boiler front, these are essential to communicate the boiler status but neons are often not fitted these days.

Tuscan boilers have 3 neon lights labelled lockout, limit and power, these indicate high temperature cut out, mains power and burner lock out, and help in dignosis of any faults to prevent unnecessary call out of heating engineers. Pressing the button associated with a fault will reset the boiler.


2. Fully insulated boiler casings

12-19 Kitchen oil boiler - internal view

It is common practice in boiler design and manufacture to use a low grade insulation and only on the heat exchanger, but we consider this compromises boiler efficiency.

Hounsfield Boilers are fully insulated using 45kg/m2 density foil faced rockwool on the boiler casing. This has 2 important benefits, firstly it minimise stand-by heat losses and secondly it makes Tuscan boilers exceptionally quiet.

3. The smallest condensing boiler on the market

The 12/19 model of Tuscan condensing oil boiler is the smallest on the market at just 350mm wide, with up to 25kW output. And with the casing depth 550mm this model can be installed within a kitchen cupboard.

4. Optional ‘out of sight’ oil line entry point

The conventional oil line entry on boilers is at the front side. On Tuscan boilers there is a choice of entry points, providing more discreet oil line entry to the rear of the casing.


5 year boiler warranty registration

Free 5 Year Warranty

For your piece of mind, Tuscan boilers have a free 5 year warranty that is not just for the heat exchanger. We guarantee all the components on our boilers for 5 years, with the exception of service replacement items.

There are no expensive service contracts to be tied into as part of this warranty; all we require is that the boiler installation is registered with us and that the boiler is is serviced annually.

Following registration we send a warranty certificate, and an annual reminder when it’s time to call your service engineer.

6. Discreet laser cutouts for pipe connections

Tuscan boiler casings have discreet pre formed laser cut ‘knock outs’ for pipe connection options to the left or right hand side for flow, return and condensate drainage as seen in image. Those unused are barely visible.

7. Heat exchangers

Tuscan boilers have a unique heat exchange boiler design made from high grade 3mm & 4mm steel with stainless steel turbulators in the condenser unit, see Fig 5.

8. Paper element oil filter included

Tuscan boilers include keroscent paper element oil filter and fittings. These ensure you don’t end up with a sub standard filtration system, or no filter at all.

Gauze filters are commonly used in many boilers, but these do not provide adequate filtration and will lead to expensive premature boiler failure.

9. Easy access for maintenance

External Boiler Flue option

Easy access for maintenance and access to:

– all heat exchange surfaces for cleaning.

– the burner head – photo right.

– removable control panel with “Plug in” mains and burner leads.

– boiler access doors secured with wing nuts and stainless steel washers.

10. Bentone’s BF1 burner

Tuscan kitchen boilers use Bentone BF1 burners which utilise industry standard components, see photo. This means lower “life time” costs compared to other oil fired boilers, such as the bespoke components of Riello burner’s.

Download the Bentone BF1 burner brochure via web site.

11. Oil line configuration

The oil line configuration in Tuscan kitchen boiler design gives room to maneuver! The compact burner size means there is no need for complex pipe bending to stay clear the burner.

The boiler pipework can be left more discreet, an important reason for  homeowners to choose a Tuscan kitchen boiler!

PLUS Tuscan kitchen Boilers are Made in Britain. We’ve been granted the use of the “Made in Britian” logo on our boilers. Tuscan Boilers are manufactured at our premises in Needham Market and the majority of our key suppliers based in East Anglia. The exception being the burner, made in Sweden, by a British owned Company established in 1948.

If you would like to know more about the Hounsfield Boilers’ range, call Andrew on 01449 722461 or use our contact form