Unique Reasons to Choose a Hounsfield boiler

Make sure the boiler you choose ticks all the boxes...

Paper element oil filter included

Historically, paper element oil filters were supplied as standard with most oil-fired boilers. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case these days.

A paper element filter is essential. Gauze filters commonly used do not provide adequate filtration and often lead to expensive premature boiler failure.

In supplying a oil filter kit, we’re controlling the quality of filter installed. This will save you money in the long term and save your installation engineer the hassle of sourcing these components. Setting the benchmark for boilers. Just one reason to choose a Hounsfield boiler.

oil filter paper element - choose a Hounsfield Boiler

life long flexible oil line - choose a Hounsfield Boilers

Life-long flexible oil line

Industry standard hoses are date coded. Some are referred to as ‘long-life’ but all are made of rubber or thermoplastic, which will degrade and require regular replacement. Some are even recommended to be replaced annually.

Oil leaks caused by failed out-of-date hoses can result in expensive insurance claims for you or your engineer. We think that’s unacceptable.

For peace of mind for you and your service engineer, our aircraft grade oil line hoses are ‘life-long’ rather that just ‘long-life’. Teflon™ cored with stainless steel braiding, our oil lines will not degrade or require regular replacement. Setting the benchmark for boilers. Another reason to choose a Hounsfield boiler.

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Elco Burner by Ariston Thermo

We are delighted to introduce a new burner to our oil-fired boilers.

Installers know the components we use are second to none and thanks to our constant desire to be the very best boilers on the market, we’ve been working hard with Elco, part of the Ariston Thermo Group, to develop a burner of exceptional quality, ease of service and is at the fore front of combustion technology.

The team at Elco is managed by Guiliano Corticini, formerly with Riello, he has many years experience in the design of domestic oil burners, and an aligned passion for attention to detail.

Our Elco burner uses the same industry standard components we specified on the Bentone BF1 burner which means lower life-time costs for spare parts. These are around 30% lower than bespoke Riello burner components. One reason to choose a Hounsfield boiler.

Elco burner for oil boiler left side

boiler controls - choose a Hounsfield Boilers

Boiler controls, child proof, user friendly, ultra safe

Every Hounsfield Boiler has neon indicators that are clearly visible through the casing to communicate boiler status for mains power, burner lockout and high temperature lockout. These are an essential aid for you and your engineer in our experience but are by no means standard. They can also save you the cost of calling out an engineer to press a reset button.

We fit limit thermostats and set these at 90°C. The industry norm for limit thermostats is 110°C but we feel this temperature is too high and unsafe. Incidents of boiling water pouring through ceilings have occurred as a result. Our lower temperature for limit themostats also provides additional protection to the boiler and its components.

Flue options: “One size fits all”

Our balanced flue twin wall system is common to all our boiler models, making selection of components easy, whether you’re installing a kitchen, external or internal wall-mounted boiler.

For open-vented, conventional chimney systems we have a range of single wall rigid flue components combined with a corrugated flexible chimney liner. The flexible liner has a secondary inner smooth skin for easy drain down of condensates. It also prevents condensates penetrating the corrugated liner.

Components are manufactured using 316L stainless steel with a polished finish. Seams are laser-welded to provide an accurate and unobtrusive joint. Flue joints are “push-fit” utilising high-grade Viton seals and will not degrade as others may. More details on Flue Options and Flue Options brochure for more details.

flue options - choose a Hounsfield Boiler

Modern efficient heat exchanger design

Traditionally designed boilers have a fire brick in the base with a steel plate or covers on the top.

Our design, with water surrounding the combustion box, requires a more specialised manufacturing process but produces a more efficient unit by maximising the heat transfer surface area.

Stress fractures caused by “hot spots” are avoided. Improved water circulation reduces the potential for corrosion caused by debris accumulation in the bottom of the heat exchanger.

High quality welding is a key feature of a Hounsfield Boiler. State-of-the-art Fronius synergic pulsed arc welding equipment ensures consistent weld quality.Setting the benchmark for boilers. Another reason to choose a Hounsfield boiler.

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