Hounsfield Boilers provides reliability for Orwell View Barns

new boilers provide reliability for Orwell View Barns

as published in Heating & Ventilating May 2021

Hounsfield Boilers provides reliability for Orwell View Barns

Hounsfield Boilers has come to the rescue of a landlord in Suffolk whose woodchip burning system was proving inconsistent due to the demands of a substantial hot water and underfloor heating system.

Orwell View Barns is a collection of short let cottages and a barn conversion on the banks of the Orwell River, Suffolk. The complex has a total of 14 bedrooms, so an unreliable heating system was a real issue for landlord Richard Wrinch.

Mr Wrinch explained: ‘The 120Kw woodchip system was only 10 years old but was suffering from woodchip blockages, which resulted in heating issues to the tenants. We discussed possible solutions with our engineer, Nick Grimwood, and we opted for two oil-fired boilers, which could work together to support the woodchip burner; now when sensors pick up a drop in water temperature, the oil boilers kick in to ensure a constant supply of heat.’

Mr Grimwood is the managing director of Grimwood and Co. He had no hesitation in specifying Hounsfield Boilers for the job. He said: ‘I’ve been installing Hounsfield Boilers for 10 years and I know they are the best. They are the only boilers that are built with the installer in mind. You can tell an engineer designed it rather than a CAD drawer. All the parts are easy to access and I can install a Hounsfield boiler in half the time it takes for any other boiler, thanks to their user-friendly design.’

Mr Grimwood’s customers may recognise the big boiler brands over Hounsfield, but Nick’s belief that Hounsfield are simply the best boilers on the market is enough to convince his clients that they are better off with a small, boutique manufacturer. Mr Wrinch admits that Hounsfield was a new name to him, but enthuses: ‘I was very happy to go with Hounsfield Boilers after Nick told me all about them, the reliability, the attention to detail and ease of use.’ Mr Wrinch continued: ‘The high-quality parts and resulting long life-span were also very attractive as I want a boiler to last more than 10 or 15 years. I don’t want be part of a throwaway society.’

However, it is not just the boiler that impresses Mr Grimwood: ‘I always get great service from Hounsfield Boilers. If I’m in a desperate need of a particular boiler or part, Hounsfield makes sure that I get what I need quickly. The delivery service is brilliant.’

He also has a Hounsfield boiler at home: ‘I installed it two years ago, when I had to replace my old 1980s boiler; that one was not a Hounsfield, but it was designed by Andrew Hounsfield, before he set-up the company!’

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