Plug & Play Electrics in EXTERNAL Boiler by Hounsfield – Video

Why choose a Hounsfield Boiler? It’s the attention to the details.

About the Plug & Play Electrics in EXTERNAL Boiler

The compact control panel for the external boiler features a mains power supply connected by an inline 4 pin plug and socket. And a plugin burner lead. A permanent line power supply is required to power the frost thermostat and test switch. A press and hold test switch avoids the hassle of a test switch left in the test position.

There is also a convenient clip to retain the fire sensor. For additional safety and to protect the boiler, we fit adjustable high limit thermostats set at 90’C.

Unique to all Hounsfield Boilers are neon indicators that are clearly visible through the boiler casing to communicate the boiler status to both the homeowner and boiler engineers. Theres a mains power, high temperature cut out and burner lock out

It’s the attention to ‘The Details’ that makes the Hounsfield Boiler unique!

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