Why Choose a Hounsfield Boiler? – Video

Why choose a Hounsfield Boiler? It’s the attention to the details.

Hounsfield Boilers manufactures of one of the smallest and most highly efficient oil fired boilers on the market.

Everything we know about how to make the best boiler has been painstakingly engineered into our Tuscan range to provide the perfect combination of efficiency and for heating performance.

We have paid particular attention to the performance of how our boilers are constructed. For example it is common practice to use low grade insulation on the heat exchanger but we see that as a compromise. So we fully insulate everything as you can see here on the front cover as well as the side cases as well as the heat exchanger, this significantly reduces heat loss and also makes our boilers exceptionally quiet.

One of our innovations has been to add a water jacket to the base and top of the boiler, not only is this more efficient it also results in making them the smallest condensing boilers on the market.

Hounsfield Boilers are incredibly easy to install and service. Installers and engineers often suffer hand injuries because of corners and sharp edges on the boilers. Hounsfield Boilers feature no sharp edges or corners anywhere.

It is essential homeowners are able to assess a boilers status. So we have added neon lights to indicate mains power, high temperature cut out and burner lockout. This unique feature saves time and prevents unnecessary engineer call outs.

Discreet laser cuts of flue and water connections including condensate drainage provides versatile options when configuring pipe work maintaining aesthetic errands of install oiler optional or line entry points to the rear of the casing provide a neat exercise alternative of the conventional front side entry. As you can see is plenty of room in the casing to configure your line and also remove the burn after servicing.

The compact control panel features a plug in mains power supply and a plug in burner leads making installation and servicing extremely easy is also a convenient clip to retain the fire valve sensor. For additional safety we effect adjustable high limit thermostat. We fit our boilers with a ELCO burner, designed for condensing technology. The fuel pump is remotely mounted with a drive dog between the pump and electric motor this alleviates heat transfer and expensive failure problems. The BF1 pump will also lift the oil from the oil tank to the boiler to about 2.5 meters, so there’s no need to install deaerators like these.

Servicing and cleaning could not be any easier there’s one cap screw and remove the burner head to access the fan, electrodes, photocell and burner nozzel with a fan positioned directly behind the last year rather than being offset one side like many domestic burners, airflow within the burner is simplified. Every burner is test-fired the fuel isolation valve and flexible or line is preassembled the oil line pre-primed with kerosene fuel and is ready to go.

We are the only boiler manufacturer that supply is a paper element oil filter and fittings with the boiler. A paper element filter is essential to protect the components within the fuel pump as the alternative and commonly use gauze filters do not provide adequate filtration and will lead to expensive premature boiler failure.

For peace of mind we provide a five-year warranty which covers all components including pumps and thermostats. We also send you a service reminder each year.

” We like the Hounsfield boy left because is family-run business we found them an extremely reliable appliance to install.”

David Brown / E&D Boiler Maintenance

“We’ve been installing Hounsfield Boilers for about two years now really great on price and also ease of installation I highly recommend installing them.”

Paul Davidson / PD Plumbing & Heating

“They are very well built they are designed to last a long time. The components are mostly universal and can be replaced easily and at fairly good cost.”

Ricky Dudderidge / Elanar Technical Services Ltd.

If you would like to know more about the Hounsfield Boilers’ range, CALL 01449 722461 or use our contact form.