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Bentone BF1 Burner & How to Service a Hounsfield Boiler – Video Guide

Why choose a Hounsfield Boiler? It’s the attention to the details.

About the Bentone BF1 Burner & How to Service it

We fit Hounsfield Boilers with the Bentone BF1 Burner. It is the only domestic burner on the market designed from scratch for condensing technology.

The fuel pump is remotely mounted with a drive dog between the pump and electric motor. This alleviates heat transfer and expensive failure problems. The BF1 pump will also lift te oil from the oil tank to the boiler to about 2.5m so there is no need to install deaeraters.

Servicing and cleaning could not be any easier. Loosen one cap screw and remove the burner head to access the fan, electrodes, photo cell and burner nozzle. With the fan being positioned directly behind the blast tube rather than being offset to one side like many domestic burners, air flow within the burner is simplified.

So one burner model covers the full range of HB. The BF1 utilises industry standard components which results in lower lifetime costs for spare parts.

More low, life-time cost savings!

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