How to install a Kitchen Boiler – Video

Details of How to Install the Tuscan Kitchen Boiler

To install a Kitchen Boiler from the Tuscan range, start by removing the top and front casing panels. We include the oil filter and 10mm pipe fittings, oil isolation valve, plus all the fittings required inside the casing. Then remove the control panel.

The compact control panel features a plug-in mains power supply and a plug-in burner lead making installation and servicing extremely easy. There’s also a convenient clip to retain the fire valve sensor. For additional safety we fit adjustable high limit thermostats.

Unique to Hounsfield Boilers are neon lights that are visible through the boiler door to communicate the boiler status to both the home owner and boiler engineer. Mains power, high temperature cut-out and burner lock-out.

For ease of installation, flow, return and condensate connections can be made to the left or right side of the boiler. Simply knock out the required laser-cut blanking plates. Rotate the condensate pipe to the left or right as required. Rotate the heating return pipe to the left or right as required. Connect the heating flow pipe and cap off the unused socket.

We recommend sealing condensate pipe work, water and oil-line connections with Rectorseal Tru-blu. A non setting sealant which doesn’t dry out like glue and remains easy to dismantle. Don’t install a deaerator such as a tiger loop. Keep the number of joints in the oil-line to a minimum. For the oil-line there are optional entry points to the left and the right side at the rear and the front of the casing – here and here.

As you can see, there’s plenty of room inside the casing to configure the oil line. Hounsfield boilers are fitted with a flexible oil line manufactured from aircraft grade hose. It has a Teflon Core and a stainless steel braid – this is a life long component and will not degrade like hoses manufactured from rubber or thermoplastic. As you can see the flexible oil line, isolation valve and 10mm compression fitting come pre-assembled. Every burner is test-fired but will need to be commissioned once installed.

We have a range of flue options to suit every situation. For conventional chimney installations, start with this flue adaptor, then choose from our range of components to make up your flue kit – 45 degree elbow, screw fit adaptor, extension pipe, Telescopic Extension, Twin Wall Liner, Brick Chimney Components: Top Insert, Clamp & Plate, Chimney Pot Cowel.

We have a range of balanced flue options – low level horizontal flue with telescopic adjustment, a low-level side outlet option and also a high level and vertical option. You’ll find more detail about flue options in the Flue Options and Flue Installation Guide.

Hounsfield Boilers, at the heart of every good heating system.

If you would like to know more about the Hounsfield Boilers’ range, call Andrew on 01449 722461 or use our contact form

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