Replace Agamatic Oil Boiler


Replace Agamatic Oil Boiler

One of our customers contacted us to replace a faulty oil fired Aga boiler, because Aga no longer sell the Agamatic. The casing for the Agamatic unit is positioned alongside the Aga cooker in the kitchen and contained the faulty oil boiler which supplied the heating. Ever helpful, the team at Hounsfield Boilers have now modified one of their Tuscan oil boilers. And this modified oil boiler was fitted inside the Agamatic boiler casing and is now powering the heating of radiators and water at Helmingham Hall in Suffolk.

A Tuscan Oil fired Boiler was modified to replace an Agamatic oil boiler

Replace Agamatic oil boiler in the kitchen at Helmingham Hall, Suffolk

A modified Tuscan boiler to replace Agamatic oil boiler casing at Helmingham Hall, Suffolk

Agamatic Base view showing Tuscan Oil Burner

Agamatic oil burner view - modified Tuscan boiler installed

The burner from modified Tuscan oil boiler can be seen at the base of the unit.

Agamatic Top View

Agamatic top view inside cover with modified Hounsfield boiler installed

Beneath the Agamatic top cover is the insulated modified Tuscan oil boiler.

Replacing an Agamatic Oil Burner at Helmingham Hall

The lovely Helmingham Hall in Suffolk - where the Agamatic oil boiler replacement was installed

The prestigious Helmingham Hall in Suffolk – now home to a Tuscan Oil Boiler.

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