75-95 Kitchen Non-Condensing Oil Boiler

NOTE: Installation of non-condensing boilers is only permitted for replacement of existing installations, essentially where a boiler is not located near an external wall. Please download the Non-condensing boiler exemption guide and Non condensing boiler assessment form or find these forms under Brochures & Videos.

Condensing boiler No
Width 460 mm
Output 22-28 kW, 75-95 BTU/hr x 1000
Included with this boiler Oil Filter, Oil Filter, ¼” x 10 mm Pipe Fittings, ¼” Fuel Shut Off Valve, ½” BSP Drain Cock

OPTION: Integral Frost Thermostat

75-95 kitchen non-condensing oil boiler by Hounsfield Boilers
75-95 Kitchen Non-Condensing Oil Boiler