Tuscan Oil Fired Boilers Flue Terminating Positions


Flexible Boiler installation with our Tuscan Oil Fired Boiler Flue Terminating positions

Tuscan oil fired boiler flue terminating positions give heating installers added flexibility in boiler installations. We have configured a versatile range of flue options for use when installing Tuscan oil boilers, as shown on the diagram below.

Flue options for installing Tuscan oil fired boilers

The flue options that are available for Tuscan boilers range from Low level Horizontal Balanced Flue Options to High level Horizontal Balanced Flue Options and Vertical Balanced Flue. To Plume Management Flue Options, Conventional Chimney Installation, Conventional Open Vented Flue, External Boiler Flue Options.

Below is example high level horizontal balanced flue option, showing the extensions and adapters needed for the installation.

Options for flue terminating positions in Tuscan Boilers - high level horizontal flue

Flue Kits and Accessories are available for installations in various situations. Plus our latest Brochure of ‘Flue Options for Tuscan Boilers’ illustrates different situations and the parts needed for installations in such positions.

Tuscan oil fired boiler flue terminating positions options brochure

Flue Options for Tuscan oil fired boilers – click to download

Click image to download brochure. Call 01449 722461 or Contact us at Hounsfield Boilers for our Latest Brochures.

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