Installers and Heating Engineers - Reasons to choose Hounsfield Boilers

As boiler installers and heating engineers and service engineers, we know that you have a difficult and time consuming job. Choosing an oil fired boiler from our Tuscan Range will not only make the installing and servicing aspects of your job easier, but will keep your customers happy too!

A great deal of thought and attention to detail has gone into the design and manufacture of our British-made boilers – take a look at what some of our happy current clients have to say about Hounsfield Boilers:

12 Reasons Why Heating Installers and Service Engineers Choose Hounsfield Boilers

Does your current boiler manufacturer tick all of these boxes?


Boiler size… Hounsfield Boilers are the smallest oil boilers on the market thanks to our unique heat exchanger design

Easy to service… plug-in electrics means easy burner and thermostat panel removal, wing nuts retain access doors and there’s easy access to all heat exchange surfaces for cleaning.

A life-long flexible oil line… manufactured using aircraft grade hose which has a TeflonTM core and stainless steel outer braid. This eliminates the risk of customer insurance claims for oil spills caused when hoses made of thermoplastic or rubber fail.

Elco burner… all our boilers feature the Elco burner by Ariston Thermo. We’ve worked hard with Elco to develop a burner of exceptional quality, ease of service and is at the fore front of combustion technology. Our Elco burner uses the same industry standard components we specified on the Bentone BF1 burner which means lower life-time costs for spare parts. 

Flexible service connections… for the Kitchen Model, left or right side for heating flow, return, condensate drainage and oil line. There’s also an optional rear entry point for ‘out of sight’ oil line installation

Our External Model meanwhile features front or rear entry for oil line and condensate drainage.

Every burner is test fired… and pre-primed with kerosene. The flexible oil line and isolation valve comes pre-assembled so all you need to do is make the final connection to the copper oil line.

Paper element filters… are included with 10mm oil line fittings; everything is ‘in the box’ meaning less hassle for you!

Range of Flue options… our range of balanced and conventional flues have push fit joints and Viton seals. We can also accommodate a range of bespoke requirements on request! Take a look at our flue options booklet or give us a call.

Deaerators such as the Tiger-loop are not required… the design of the oil pump means you don’t need to install a deaerator; saving time and reducing the cost of installation.

Oil tank…. can be sited up to 100 metres away from the boiler, plus there’s no need to build a plinth – the fuel pump will lift the oil.

Visible Neon Indicators… through the front casing on our Kitchen and also External Models – saving hassle and clearly communicating boiler status.

For more insights into all aspects of servicing a Hounsfield and installing a Hounsfield Boiler for your customers and what makes our Tuscan range so unique – browse through our collection of helpful videos.

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