Oil Filter Kit Included withHounsfield Boilers – Video

Why choose a Hounsfield Boiler? It’s the attention to the details.

Why supply an ‘Oil Filter Kit with Tuscan Boilers’

Hounsfield Boilers are the only boiler manufacturer which includes an oil filter kit with every boiler sold, the paper element filter and fittings are included with every Tuscan oil boiler.

The paper element filter is essential to protect the components within the fuel pump. As the alternative and commonly used gauze filters do not provide adequate filtration and will lead to expensive premature boiler failure.

In supplying a filter kit, we can control the quality of the filter installed. This will save the homeowner money in the long term as well as saving the installation engineer the hassle of sourcing the correct component.

Another Low, Life-Time Cost Saving with Hounsfield Boilers!

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