How to install an External Oil Boiler – Video

Why choose a Hounsfield Boiler? It’s the attention to the details.

How to Install the Tuscan External Model Boiler

Start by removing the door. Unscrew the stainless steel fasteners to remove the top panel and remove the control panel.

The compact electrical control panel for the external boiler features mains power supply, connected via a 4-pin in line plug & socket, and a plug-in burner lead. A permanent live power supply is required to power the frost thermostat & test switch. A press & hold test switch avoids the hassle associated with a test switch left in the ‘test’ position. There is also a convenient clip to retain the fire valve sensor. For additional safety and to protect the boiler, we fit adjustable high limit thermostate set at 90 C degrees.

Unique to Hounsfield Boilers are neon lights that are visible through the boiler door to communicate the boiler status to both the home owner and boiler engineer – a mains power, high temperate cut-out and burn lock-out. To help level the boiler, there are adjustable feet.

A standard boiler is a Low-level balanced flue set-up. With an air-intake and exhaust to eliminate combustion problems associated with unbalanced exhaust pip outlets. There are heating flow and return pipes and electric cable entry point. Entry points for Condensate Pipe, Oil Line and Fire Valve are here or alternatively to the rear of the boiler.

We recommend sealing condensate pipe work, water and oil-line connections with Rectorseal Tru-Blu. A non setting sealant which doesn’t dry out like glue and remains easy to dismantle.

Do NOT install a deaerator such as a Tiger Loop. Keep the number of joints in the oil line to a minimum. As you can see there’s plenty of room in the casing to configure the oil line.

Hounsfield Boilers are fitted with a flexible oil-line, manufactured of aircraft grade hose. It has a Teflon core and stainless steel braid. This is a life long component. It will not degrade like hoses manufactured from rubber or thermoplastic. As you can see the flexible oil line, and oil isolation valve comes pre assembled.

We include the condensate trap, the oil filter and 10mm pipe fittings, plus all the fittings required inside the casing.

Every burner is test fired – but will need to be commissioned once installed.

There are some additional flue options for the external boiler making it ideal for installation in out buildings, such as high level and vertical balanced flue kits. Refer to Flue Options brochure for more details.

It’s the attention to ‘The Details’ that makes the Hounsfield Boiler unique!

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