Fully Insulated Boiler for Whisper Quiet Operation – Video

Why choose a Hounsfield Boiler? It’s the attention to the details.

About the Fully Insulated for Whisper Quiet Operation

Hounsfield Boilers are exceptionally quiet as we fully insulate everything as you can see in the video. Insulated on the cover and the side casings as well as the heat exchanger, making Tuscan boilers one of the quietest and most efficient domestic oil fired boilers on the market.

Everything we know about making the best oil boiler has been painstakingly engineered into our Tuscan range to provide the perfect combination of efficiency and heating performance.

We have paid particular attention to the details of how our boilers are constructed. For example it is common practice to use a low grade insulation on the heat exchange unit. But we see that as a compromise. So we fully insultate for whisper quiet operation, the cover and side casings as well as the heat exchanger.

It’s the attention to ‘The Details’ that makes the Hounsfield Boiler unique!

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